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We offer a full range of escrow services

About Us

Cal Pacific Escrow Inc. was built in 2021 with the most highly experienced and skilled professionals. Each of our team members has had over a decade of experience purchasing and selling with property owners, buyers, and sellers. We understand the importance of every transaction you make as a client and we want to help you make those crucial financial and emotional decisions. 



Every transaction done through us lets us demonstrate why we are the most entrusted escrow company around.



We work hard regardless of your needs to help you feel confident and secure in choosing Cal Pacific Escrow Inc. 



With hundreds of satisfied clients and a talented team ready for you, we know you’ll love working with any of our agents.


Cal Pacific Escrow Inc. prides itself on its excellent services, knowledgeable team, and friendly voices behind every transaction. 

Years of experience

Our agents have had years of experience and a strong track record to back them up.

Licensed professionals

All agents are licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation.

qualified team

We offer only the most professional services with unwavering integrity.

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Clients in California

We believe in our team and our strong practices. We are proud to represent the 100+ clients located across California State in their escrow needs. 

how we work.

Our mission is to provide each client with an easy, private, and professional escrow experience.


Cal Pacific Escrow

Whether you’re looking into personal or professional escrow services, we’ve got the agent to help you close your transaction hassle-free.

Professional or personal – we are here for you.
We're a strong team built on trust and knowledge.
We have over a hundred satisfied customers.
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